Aerocatch bonnet pin install

A pretty boring update but hey it’s still something that happened and something that’s incredibly important! With the front of the car being chopped up a little, the original catch wouldn’t work. Obviously a bonnet being secure is something pretty high up on the list of requirements for a car, so the solution is to fit a set of AeroCatch panel fasteners.

AeroCatch® are aerodynamic, low profile bonnet pins and panel fasteners setting new standards in the 21st century. Providing a wide variety of fixing solutions for Motorsport, Specialist Vehicles, Marine & Transportation. AeroCatch® bonnet pins are proudly manufactured in England and distributed worldwide.

The job is pretty simply, drill some holes and bolt them in! Inside the box is a card template that provides a crosshair for where the pin will locate and an overall radius that needs to be removed from the bonnet.

Setting up ready to cut the bonnet for the AeroCatches.

The first step is to fit the pins and I chose to locate these where the front of the bonnet usually has rubber bump stops. Once in place its easy to mark where to drill the initial hole by lowering the bonnet and giving it a whack. The indentation is exactly where to drill through the bonnet. As this position is where the bonnet would rest on the rubber bump stops the area is also flat compared to the rest of the bonnet.

Once drilled you simply place the card template over whilst aligning the crosshair with the hole and draw your outline. A couple of holesaws to get perfect radiuses and some time with a dremel and what you’re left with is a perfect slot for your aerocatch! Simply finish off by dropping them in and drilling the holes for the bolts. Bolt ’em up and voila, aerocatches.

AeroCatch install complete.

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