Freshly imported JDM Impreza STi

With my Nissan 200SX S13 thoroughly stripped and gone, a slow and painfully long two months awaited me. Fortunately you join me at the end of said months as today is the day my freshly imported JDM Impreza STi was brought back from the docks!

I had a few cars in mind and was looking at importing myself either an STi, Silvia or R34. With the decision made that something “different” was required, I transferred funds to Japan, confirmed that the lovely Aspen White STi was to be mine and started on my journey of paperwork… Since sending the funds over the GBP>YEN rate hasn’t been so good so it looks like timing couldn’t have been any more perfect.

Quick JDM Impreza STi summary…

  • Twinscroll turbocharger, SPOOL
  • Equal length manifolds, NOISE
  • Higher rev limit, stronger engine internals, single cat, I/C water spray, POWER
  • Xenon headlights, LIGHT
  • Higher rev limit, stronger engine internals, RELIABILITY
  • + Some further small differences, COOL

The whole import process was a lot easier than expected with pretty much everything being dealt with between myself and the Japanese trader directly (albeit with some broken English and rather long delays between replies). I’ve no idea how there are so many “companies” that charge thousands to import vehicles when they offer absolutely nothing in addition to the service. Well, maybe peace of mind. Of course there was always the worry in the back of my mind that maybe just maybe what I receive isn’t what I bought. No horror story here – Everything was in order, exactly as described even down to the lack of power and fuel! Honestly the hardest part of this process was finding the right person to see within the docks to actually retrieve the car!

With the car located, topped up with fresh fuel and boosted we were able to fire her up. WOW. What a difference compared to UK Imprezas… No signature rumble (though I did know this would be the case I really didn’t know what just to expect) and so fast revving. The rain started to close in so we got her strapped down as quick as possible ready to head home. A quick check of documents at the security post and we were permitted to leave with the precious cargo in tow.

Finally located at the docks!

Everything jammed into this car park pretty tight.

Quick pit stop to get a full tank of V-Power and coffee. First chance to really step back and take a look at the car… How can you refuse a photo.

Loaded up and on the way home!

And we’re home safe and sound.

Home safe and sound.

Now, back to the docks we go. There’s another car to pick up! Freds Spec S Silvia was next up having arrived at the docks a couple of days prior to my Impreza. At least we know what to do when we arrive back down there this time, though this was shipped over via a different company. Amazing to see just how complex the docks are and yet so streamlined. This one was easier to find fortunately…

Ooh, another import?!

Stay tuned as I get this Impreza sorted for use on our roads and of course – Let the modifications begin!

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