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If I’ve organised this correctly you’ll find information about me, my cars and my journey through the various projects I’ve taken on. When I have the time I’ll update this with older photos and information on my previous projects I can remember because it’s always great to have a log of what you’ve done and of course the opportunity to help someone else out is great. Expect to see things appearing in a random order but I promise I’ll organise it as best I can! I’ll probably end up posting some more random content here too… Photoshoots, events, reviews, reposts from other interesting places… Just random shit really – You get the idea.

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About Me

My name’s Matt and I’m a 27 year old Web Developer from Surrey, United Kingdom. I’ve been tinkering with computers for as long as I can remember, not really caring about anything else at school, and hopefully now fairly good at that too! I normally build websites based on platforms such as Magento or WordPress but I do build standalone websites and custom applications too. You’re looking at a WordPress website right now, though as this really is a blog rather than a brochure website I decided to just use an off-the-shelf template to make things easier. You’re your own worst customer, right? Keep it simple!

My other interests are photography, videography, cars and chocolate. I’ve been into cars since I started learning to drive almost 10 years ago and it’s kinda become an obsession. If I’m not on a computer I’ll be doing something car-related. Whether I’m researching the next modification, meeting with like-minded friends or out there wrenching away on the latest purchase it’s pretty much always on my mind. The photography and videography interests stemmed from cars too! What about the chocolate? Well who doesn’t like chocolate…

Maybe you’re wondering why “Yellow Bits”?
Way back when I started tinkering with cars yellow coloured parts started appearing on my cars and thus “Yellow Bits” was the nickname of choice given to me. It’s stuck since then and fortunately not too many people think I need to see a doctor for my strangely coloured “bits”.

Disclaimer: There are no strangely coloured “bits” on oneself.