New “daily” Renaultsport Clio 182

With the RX7 project taking longer than expected (mainly due to me deciding I don’t like how I’ve done certain things and doing them again!) and a track day booked and paid for, I had to get myself something track capable. I’ve been saying for years that I’d sell the Twingo and replace it with another Clio (I’ve had a Ph1 172 Clio previously). Well, I still have the Twingo but I also now have the Clio I’ve wanted for a long time!

New 182 back home and having its first bath.

The idea with this is to prep it for track use, then return it back to “normal” and use this as my new daily, whilst preparing the Twingo for sale. Fortunately track prepping was quite easy when there’s another local 182 that has been used on track numerous times. Tried and tested modifications, a nice proven recipe for me to replicate… Just try not to make them identical…

My new 182 behind Owen’s long standing 182.

Lots of little plans for this… Although technically this is only a daily driver, there are plenty of modifications I want to make which will make this perform better, handle nicer and also look as best it can. I’ll try not to let it get in the way of the RX7 project but for now, this is my exciting new project!

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