Plugging holes and pulling wiring

One of the biggest problems to overcome with this car is the whole wiring job. Not really knowing where to start, I enlisted the help of my girlfriend Elly to help strip back the insulation of the original looms so that we could start to pull out anything that wasn’t required anymore and add in anything required for the engine. At the end of this day I had a better understanding of the loom and made the decision to basically start fresh. This sparked the beginning of A LOT of planning, so watch this space… Wiring will continue further down the road.

Elly stripping back wiring loom insulation.

Whilst this was happening I decided to start sorting the copious amounts of holes left in the boot by multiple spoilers, the wiper, the aerial, etc… All of which were no longer required. With a patch of metal underneath the booth and a few squirts of the MIG on top I was left with a solid boot that just needed grinding flat and fillering smooth.

Old spoiler holes welded and filled.

And as I wanted to go with smaller mirrors which I planned on mounting from the door trim triangle the holes left behind from the door mirrors needed the same attention. Once complete the doors were left smooth and flat as if nothing was ever there!

Passenger mirror holes welded, filled and painted.

Drivers mirror holes welded, filled and painted.


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