Wiring battle begins!

It was time to start work on the tedious task of wiring this engine conversion and everything else around it. Never had I taken on a job this big before but as I always say, there’s no better way to learn than to get stuck in!

First task was to remove the dash and what was left of the heater matrix/air con setup, some of which was already removed and in boxes… I soon realised these parts were not installed as they simply didn’t fit… The bulkhead modification is so large that the heater matrix no longer fits which means basically nothing in or under the dash will work for me. I’ll figure this out later. Sigh…

The whole dashboard and everything around it had to be removed.

Right, time to start looking at the wiring we have! I scoured the internet and found some diagrams for the particular ECU model I had, which proved more difficult than I thought. Being from a Kouki S14A rather than a Zenki S14 meant there were several changes between the popular diagrams and what I needed.

The original SR20DET ECU wiring plugs.

By this stage I had worked out exactly what I needed from the ECU plugs, extended my engine wiring loom and made the required cuts, extensions and connections. These particular wires were labeled up ready to install to my central board, or in the meantime to a 12v bus for testing!

Some of the engine loom wires in the cabin and labeled.

The final product, at the ECU end at least. Enough to get the engine running now for testing purposes, then I have the task of wiring the rest of the car!

ECU loom has been hacked up, modified and taped back together.

Ps. The engine started successfully.

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